Why visiting Valencia on bike is the best option

Cycling through Valencia is the best way to explore the city and get around efficiently, not only is the city very flat, it also accommodates cyclists with over 150 km of bike lanes. You are on holiday, you don’t want to waste time walking from each attraction, but you still want to see the city on your route, which is why biking is the best option. The weather is good all year round, making it perfect for cycling, exploring and experiencing what this amazing city has to offer. Valencia is built to accommodate bikes with many parking racks dotted throughout the city, and with Flight Mode’s simple lock system you can easily park up wherever you need to.   

If you are unsure of where to start on your bike, why not go into Turia park (2 min from our store), the green space that runs through the city nine kilometres long? With its palm trees, fountains, orange trees and beautiful flower bridge (puente de las flores), Turia is the perfect scenery for a first bike trip through Valencia, and, best of all, you can follow it all the way down to the science museum and then further down to the beach Cabanyal.

Make sure you stay in the bike lanes designated within the park and the trip will be a breeze, you can also break away from the park using any of the ramps that connect to the main roads on either side of the park.

Whilst you are in the park it is worth visiting the Viveros gardens, which used to be a part of the Royal Palace. With its trimmed hedges, fountains, rose gardens and sculptures, it is a dreamy place you would not want to miss. In the summer the central esplanade is converted into a concert hall, and in spring the walkways are filled with book stalls during the Feria del Libro, so check the time you visit and you may be in for a more exciting experience. 

After cycling down the Turia, and once you have arrived at the beach you can park your bikes up and relax for an hour in the golden sand of Cabanyal. The Flight Mode bikes have a basket and attachment on the back for any bags, so why not bring a book and a beach towel and soak in the sun? 

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If you still crave more exploration, cycle alongside the beach upwards and in around 15 minutes you will reach Port Saplaya, a beautiful little place with colourful buildings, flowers and little bobbing boats. Be sure to stop by one of the many pretty restaurants and sample the calamari and freshly caught fish. Also here is the perfect spot to take photos for your instagram, Port Saplaya has actually been nicknamed the ‘little Venice’ of Valencia for its beauty. 

After discovering the beach and park, you may want to return to the old city, the famous Barrio del Carmen, for a rest or a bite to eat. Travel the same way back up the Turia park and then you can turn left into the town when you reach the first tower: Torres de Serranos. Or you can head straight back to the shop, return your bike, and then walk through the other tower: Torres de Quart, and finish your evening wandering through the old town, discovering its historic beauty while the sun sets.

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