Our history and our mission

When can vacation be defined?

How many times before traveling, we have looked for information on thousands of websites, wasting an infinite amount of time and in the end we were left unsatisfied because something went wrong?

For us a vacation is when you don’t have to worry about anything, when you completely disconnect and enter Flight Mode!

Our main mission is to guarantee quality of services and experiences.

Why are we so sure? Easy! 

Because we ourselves live and choose the options at your disposal!

For this reason with us you will have the guarantee of living a holiday designed and tailored to your needs, according to your tastes, interests and above all your rhythm, and the reason is because you are unique!

We will always be by your side and available before and during your stay to solve every doubt or need.

Also, our blog and the opinions of former travelers will answer the most frequently asked questions, so you won’t have to go anywhere else either!

Get into Flight Mode and make this trip a true carefree vacation. Relax because we will do everything.

Our vision

We are ambitious, creative and empathetic, these are the keys that will allow us to always add more destinations to our suitcase.

We want to be the benchmark company for all these travelers who will not want to be just spectators but to be protagonists.

Our team

We would like to leave for these “vacations” only in two people, today we have 8 other friendly travelers, each with their skills and personality and more than 20 important collaborators in our portfolio such as the Science Museum, Oceanografic, la Buleria and others ..

All with a single objective, to make your vacation unique, inimitable and unforgettable!

Why choose Flight Mode?


We are directly in the destination city and for this reason we know the territory very well.


With us you have the possibility to customize your trip according to your tastes, preferences and especially your rhythm!


You will not have to waste time on a thousand searches because we think of everything! And your money? It will be invested only in the best for you!


We will be at your disposal before and during your stay


We scrupulously choose our collaborators to guarantee the highest quality


We give you the opportunity to choose between infinite experiences, there are no limits! If you can think it, you can do it!

Ready to live your unique experience?