What to do and see in Valencia in less than a week

When one plans a trip and decides to get to know a country or a city, one faces several problems: On the one hand, choosing good accommodation without falling into the traps that we can sometimes find in some tourist rental flats and on the other hand, managing to plan what to see and what to do depending on the days one is going to be in that city and on one’s tastes.

Cities like Valencia with infinite options to choose from when you are going to stay a few days when we travel to a city the average stay is between 3 and 5 days, can be a real headache. Therefore, in Flight Mode, we want to recommend you the places you should not miss if you visit the city of Valencia for a few days.

The first compulsory stop for anyone discovering the city of Valencia for the first time should be the City of Arts and Sciences. This complex of museums and its Oceanografic is an architectural work worth seeing with your own eyes, as well as great entertainment for the youngest members of the family. Furthermore, for art and museum lovers, Valencia has a great diversity of styles from the modern Muvim or Ivam to the classic Museo de Bellas Artes.

Another reference point of Valencia is its gastronomy and its international paella. However, don’t trust any paella they give you. If you want to eat a real paella we recommend you spend a day in the Albufera de Valencia and in restaurants like Bon Aire you will get to know the flavor of Valencian cuisine. If you cannot or do not want to go to the Albufera, Patacona beach can be a good place to eat a good paella, both in Casa Carmela and in La Ferradura, as well as an ideal place to sunbathe and go out at night with clubs like Marina Beach.

On the other hand, you can always take a quick look at the city and its history through guided tours like the ones you can find on our website. Neighborhoods like Ruzafa or El Carmen are worth a visit as they are two of the most attractive areas of the Valencian nightlife. There you will find a lot of bars and unique shops where we are sure you will find some souvenirs of the capital of the Turia.

Another option if you want to know something as traditional of Spain as its dance, is a dinner with a flamenco show, something that excites those who contact with the Spanish culture for the first time and want to enjoy a nice show.

If with even this information you are looking for a more personalized route, do not hesitate to consult the customizable packs that you can find on our website and which you can enjoy with up to 15% discount. Besides, we would like to emphasize that all the paid activities can be contracted through us so that you do not have to worry about anything else but enjoying yourself once you land in Valencia.