València, an ideal city to meet with the children

One of the issues that most limit families with children when traveling to another city is the cultural and leisure offer they can find for the little ones. Also, not planning a trip, especially with the family, can pose a series of “problems” during the stay. Luckily València is an ideal destination for those couples with children, due to the number of activities that they can enjoy in the city and also because we will advise you the best to fully enjoy your trip!

The capital of Turia has one of the largest urban zoos in Europe, the Bioparc, where children will be able to observe animals from all over the world a few meters away and will be able to enjoy various play areas being very close to another place chosen among the best for children, the Cabecera Park, so that the whole family can relax next to a lake and picnic area.

In fact, a highly recommended activity to do with children is fun for them and relax for parents, is to rent bicycles and enjoy the gardens that run along the riverbed from this magnificent park, to the city of Arts and Sciences, It houses the most visited places by children in the city: Museum, Oceanographic and Hemispheric.

The Oceanographic is considered the largest aquarium in Europe and one of the largest in the world in terms of variety of species. In it, the little ones of the family will be able to enjoy from exploring the different seas and their species, to shows with dolphins where they can actively participate.

If you go for a walk along the river, before reaching the Oceanographic there is the Hemisferic, where children will enjoy learning about science through shows dedicated to space, dinosaurs or volcanoes, in addition to having the opportunity to touch the mysteries of science.

Next to the city of Arts and Sciences is also the Gulliver Park, a free park for children to enjoy great sliders and small climbs.

As for museums suitable for children, near the city of Arts and Sciences is the Fallero Museum, which will allow children to see some of the historical ‘ninots’ of the Fallas and learn about its history as the most important festival of Valencia and UNESCO heritage.

Another museum that turns out to be very exciting for children is the Iber, a museum of tin soldiers, which now exhibits more than 95,000 pieces in its 15 rooms for all lovers of miniatures.

Another fun experience for children is the boat trip through the Albufera so they can enjoy this nature reserve appreciating many species of birds, listening to the history of this park directly from the captain!

As an added value, it should be noted that from Flight Mode we have a series of guides and routes designed for children so that the little ones are the first to enjoy their stay in València and a series of tips, especially regarding time and organization so that parents can control your stay without developing into stress!