Venture to discover the Valencian Community

Traveling and discovering the Valencian Community can be done from many points of view, depending on whom we are traveling with and our tastes. Few territories offer a range of activities as varied as Valencia, where you can find everything from all kinds of leisure and culture in its cities and main urban centers, to risk or adventure activities in its mountains and rivers as well as in its seas.

At Flight Mode, we have thought about and proposed different options according to the tastes of each person, so that you can get to know all the options offered by territory so full of possibilities. In fact, through our website, you can directly hire those plans that you most desire and start to take your worries away from your next trip.

Among the many adventure activities offered by the Comunitat, if one prefers land or dry activities, climbing and via Ferrata, like the one you can find in Aiello de Malferit or Petrel, abound in the inland towns of the three provinces. Here we leave you with some of the best mountain routes you can find.

On the other hand, potholing, with places like the Cave of the Riuets, or canyoning, which can be practiced in places like Montanejos or Anna, are options very much to be taken into account by adventurers, and you will also enjoy spectacular landscapes.

Another option, more recommendable in less hot seasons, are the trails that we can find both on the coast and in the interior of the three provinces. In our blog, you will find a guide to each one of them talking about some of the best routes in each of the territories, as well as the natural swimming pools found in the Comunitat Valenciana, where you can enjoy a refreshing bath after hiking.

Some rivers and areas such as the Cabriel or the Mijares on its way through Montanejos offer the possibility of rafting, kayaking or canyoning in water to adventurers who prefer water activities.

Finally, if you are a lover of heights, through Flight Mode, we can also show you those places where you could enjoy unique views during a balloon ride or the most impressive bungee jumps in the Comunitat, so if you are an adventurer, look no further and find the options that best suit you in our tailor-made packages.