Pedaling Towards Adventure: Discovering Albufera of Valencia by Bicycle

Dear cycling adventurers and nature lovers, are you ready for an unforgettable experience? If so, buckle up because we’re taking you on a journey through one of Valencia’s most fascinating natural treasures: Albufera!

Picture yourself on your two-wheeled companion, the wind in your hair, and the sun accompanying you along tranquil roads and picturesque paths. Are you ready to discover why Albufera is a paradise for cyclists?

Forget the bus and embrace the freedom of the bicycle. And to make this adventure even more incredible, what could be better than renting your bike from our shop if you haven’t already? Yes, you heard that right! Your starting point for this fantastic adventure is right here.

Why Albufera, you may ask? Well, imagine a vast expanse of brackish lagoon, interspersed with rice fields, reed beds, and groves of native plants. A unique ecosystem that will leave you breathless. And the best part? It’s just a bike ride away! Well, it’s actually 20 km, but shhh…!!!

The advantage of exploring Albufera by bike is that you can fully immerse yourself in its beauty without rushing. Stop along the way for a picnic on the shore or simply breathe in the fresh air as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

And fear not, whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a novice enthusiast, the route is entirely flat with bike paths. So, whether you’re a cycling pro or an enthusiastic beginner, there’s a two-wheeled adventure waiting for you at Albufera.

And after a day of exploration and a good paella for lunch, what could be better than a relaxing sunset over the lagoon? Park your bikes and enjoy the sunset directly from the pier where all the little boats depart or choose to take advantage of the last boat trip to enjoy the sunset directly on the lagoon.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bike and embark on an unforgettable adventure at Albufera of Valencia. Our shop is ready to welcome you and help you experience an adventure that will be etched in your memories forever without worries thanks to our assistance service outside the city of Valencia.

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Where to eat?

Even though the traditional paella is made with rabbit, chicken, and vegetables, in the Albufera area you can taste different varieties, for example with duck, or risottos with fish typical of the area such as eel or sea bass considering that it is a fishing and farming area. For this reason, it is worth visiting not only for the natural landscape but also as a very close gastronomic destination to the city.

So, we at Flight Mode would like to give you some tips on what to do and where to eat to get to know and enjoy Albufera to the fullest.

If what you’re looking for is a good place to eat with an incredible view to watch a romantic sunset, you should choose the Nou Racò restaurant. This large events hall is also a renowned restaurant where you can choose from several risottos on the menu, all meticulously cooked over wood, as well as a series of typical Valencian appetizers.

Another more classic option is in the same village of El Palmar and it is the Bon Aire restaurant, run by the renowned chef Raùl Mangraner. This small restaurant located on the shore of the lagoon is famous for its typical local dishes such as all i pebre and other more elaborate dishes such as eel and local products from Albufera. This restaurant was crowned in 2018 with the award for Best Paella in the world at the Sueca International Competition, so a must-stop for rice lovers.

In the same village you can also find:

  • Arroceria Maribel
  • La cambra dels sentits

In the same village of El Palmar there are various boats and tourist attention areas to consult the schedules of the various boats in the area, if you wish to take a panoramic tour. Furthermore, this small village of fishermen’s origin surrounded by rice fields is worth visiting because there are preserved a series of barracas, the typical houses of the Valencian orchard, which were built with local materials and will give you an idea of what the city was like centuries and centuries ago.