If you have decided to discover the Valencian Community or some of its cities, perhaps one of the reasons that have helped you to make your decision, apart from its climate and gastronomy, is because of the wide range of entertainment on offer in the main cities (Valencia, Alicante, and Castellón) as well as in other parts of the region.

For all these reasons, and to select the best options for those who wish to focus this trip on pure fun and enjoyment, from Flight Mode we have selected some of the most fun and entertaining plans that you can make if you decide to get to know this great community, and which you can hire from our own website.

If we start talking about its main city, Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences is the reference in leisure for both children and adults. This complex consists of Oceanográfico, Hemisférico as well as several museums with different themes where you can learn as well as have fun.

Don’t forget the Bioparc, space where you can observe and get to know animals from all over the world and which is located on the banks of the River Turia, just like the City of Arts and Sciences. Renting a bicycle or a segway for a day and going from one end to the other to visit these two leisure centers can be a great way to spend a day in Valencia. The Valencian Community also has several themes and water parks such as Terra Mítica and Aquarama among others, located in Alicante and Castellón respectively, which can be an option to take into account to enjoy a different day with family and friends.

Another option that you can take into account if you are a lover of culture, is the great variety of museums that you will find in any of the main cities, some of the international stature like Museo Valenciano del Juguete or Museo del Arroz, among others.

On the other hand, for those looking for fun with risk or water sports, in Valencia, Alicante, and Castellón you can enjoy water and land activities such as surfing, jet skis, kitesurfing or flyboarding, as well as others such as bungee jumping. You can find all the information about where you can practice these sports on our own website.

Along the same lines, for those who love driving and risk, beyond being able to rent a car if they need it, which they can do easily through this website. Also, through Flight Mode, you can hire if you wish different adventure experiences such as different quad routes in the Valencian Community or Jeep routes in the Albufera, where you will enjoy both driving and the landscape.

Finally, we must not forget the nightlife, which for years made the province famous throughout the world with its discos and endless nights. For those who do not want to miss a night out or a different party, in our blog, you will find several recommendations about the fashionable areas of Valencia to go out for a drink, as well as in our web you will find all the information to book one of the boat parties that are held in Valencia, Alicante, and Castellón.

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