El Cabanyal and Benimaclet, two neighborhoods with hidden charm

In Valencia, you can find a lot of of cultural activities and places worth visiting that are not exactly in the city center, and what better way to explore them than by renting a bike? That’s why we decided to create this section on our website where we will periodically talk about two distinct areas of Valencia and what you could do in both.

We have chosen to start this section with two very popular areas at the moment: Benimaclet and Cabanyal, where you can do a thousand things, visit must-see places, and try some of the best restaurants in the city.

It’s important for you to know that these two areas, like other areas outside the center of Valencia, were real independent villages years and years ago. In fact, if you walk through the streets of the most historic part of the area, it will seem like you’re not in Valencia.

El Cabanyal

This humble area, originally a fishing village, is located in front of Las Arenas beach, one of the most frequented spots in summer by both tourists and Valencians alike.

But the beach is not the only attraction. Although one of the most famous places is the Fabrica de Hielo, this area has many other places that deserve a mandatory visit.

In fact, the British newspaper The Guardian compiled a list in which it placed the Cabanyal area as one of the top 10 most beautiful in all of Europe.

Among the places worth visiting are the Museo del Arroz or experiencing the famous Semana Santa Marinera. Moreover, you can find one of the most complete and beautiful markets in the city, the Mercado del Cabanyal. (Other markets here: The markets in Valencia)

For those who want a good almuerzo, here are our suggestions: 4 new places where almorzar in Valencia, one of the most famous Spanish traditions.

For lunch or dinner, the Cabanyal area has plenty of restaurants we could recommend, but we would like to suggest a few:

  • Casa Montaña
  • La malafama
  • Bar lapaca
  • Bodega la peseta
  • Festinar
  • La batisfera

For breakfast instead, we recommend el tallat, and for a Flamenco experience, we suggest Palosanto tablao flamenco.


Benimaclet is one of the main areas of Valencia. Its proximity to universities has made it one of the favorite areas for students, which is why the prices of the premises are really very good. Bars and pubs have an alternative touch, making the area very special.

This area, known for its diversity and multiculturalism, is not just home to students. The center of Benimaclet is Plaza de la Iglesia, which is the meeting point for neighbors and is also the area where festivals and concerts are held, surrounded by bars where you can have a drink like La Murta.

Among the small streets of the center of the area, we find other bars where you can have an aperitif or a beer, like Kaf Café: it’s not just a bar but every week they offer evenings with poetry readings or live music.

But if you want to have lunch or dinner, there is really a wide choice, but as always, we recommend our favorite. The best hamburger in the city can definitely be found at l’Antiga Benimaclet, which also has its own beer production.

2 extra names for you:

  • Bar verbena 
  • Arroseta

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