El Cabanyal and Benimaclet, two neighborhoods with hidden charm

Those who know the city of Valencia, both its inhabitants and those who have visited it, will know that within the city there is an infinite number of cultural activities and places worth visiting. However, many visitors are unaware that they can be offered some of the most attractive and fashionable neighborhoods in Valencia.

Therefore, from Flight Mode, we have decided to create this section on our website in which we will periodically talk about two different neighborhoods in Valencia and what you can do in both.

We have decided to start this section with two of the most attractive neighborhoods at that time, Benimaclet and El Cabanyal, which have a lot of things to do and places that are worth visiting and offer the visitor a great variety of places to eat.

It is worth noting that, like others on the outskirts of Valencia, these two neighborhoods were, years ago, independent towns from the capital itself, so if you walk through the streets of their older areas you may have the feeling at times that you are being transported to a different municipality within Valencia itself.



El Cabanyal

This humble neighborhood of fishing origin is located in front of Las Arenas Beach, one of the busiest places in the city in summer for both tourists and Valencians themselves.

However, the beach is not its only attraction. If in a previous article we highlighted La Fabrica de Hielo as one of those different places worth visiting in the city, this neighborhood has many other places that are almost compulsory to visit.

In fact, the British newspaper The Guardian made a list in which it placed the Cabanyal neighborhood as one of the 10 most “cool” in Europe.

Among the places worth a visit, it is worth mentioning the Rice Museum or the Sailor’s Holy Week Museum, both of which are celebrated in the same neighborhood and are very famous. The neighborhood also has one of the most complete and beautiful markets in the whole city, the Cabanyal Market.

For those who want a good lunch before facing a day at the beach, in this neighborhood, you can find La Pascuala Winery, famous for its giant sandwiches and one of the most visited lunch places by Valencians.

On the other hand, for both lunch and dinner in the area, El Cabanyal has a multitude of bars and restaurants that are recommended, among which we would like to highlight two in particular: Casa Montaña and Fumiferro. The first one is a traditional winery with more than a hundred years of experience, while Fumiferro is a grill with a modern cuisine but with traditional flavors.

Another option for those who cannot resist the proximity of the sea, on our website you can find a multitude of water activities that take place both on the beach itself, where there are several surfing schools, and in the port of Valencia, very close to the neighborhood, which range from taster rides or boat parties to be able to rent jet skis, kayaking, wakeboarding or water skiing.

Last but not least, to get to know the history, traditions and essence of the Cabanyal more deeply, we organize tours with specialized official guides in this area on the vehicle you prefer, by bike, segway or by walking!



Benimaclet is one of the main neighborhoods of Valencia. Its proximity to the universities makes it a favorite with students, so the prices of its bars are quite good. The bars and pubs in the area are very alternative, which gives the neighborhood a very special and alternative atmosphere.

The center of Benimaclet revolves around the Plaza de la Iglesia, which is the meeting point for the residents of the area, as well as the neighborhood where all the festivals and concerts are held and where there are plenty of bars where you can have a drink or dinner, such as La Murta.

Among the narrow streets of the center of the neighborhood itself, one can find a multitude of bars where you can stop to cover or have a beer with friends. Some of them, like the Kaf Café, go beyond being simple bars and offer weekly poetry and music recitals to those neighbors who come to have a beer.

On the other hand, if what you want is to have lunch or dinner, you will find a very wide and varied offer in its streets, although from Flight Mode we would like to make a double recommendation.

If you want to eat a good hamburger and try some different meat like ostrich or crocodile, as you hear, in the BimBim American Burger you will find some meats that you have never tried before and that will make your visit to this neighborhood taste different.

Finally, if you are looking for a nice place to go as a couple, Pata Negra is a very recommendable option. It has a menu that mixes traditional ingredients with modern cuisine with very good results in vintage and charming places you will not want to leave.