Eat like a true Valencian

If the city of València is recognized for something, it is for its gastronomic culture that offers visitors a great variety within the Mediterranean diet with some typical dishes that have become international such as paella, all i pebre or the well-known cocktail Agua de València.

Valencian paella

The most famous dish in the world of Valencian gastronomy is, without a doubt, paella. You have to know how to distinguish a real paella. For this reason, note that if it has these ingredients and no more, it is a Valencian paella: Rice, tomato, locust bean, green bean, chicken, rabbit and artichoke.

However, there are many variations. For example, in the Albufera, a few kilometers from the city, the duck usually accompanies the chicken and the rabbit. In addition, there are varieties of seafood or fish rice, but never peas or sausage, don’t be fooled.

As a recommendation in the city of Valencia, here we leave you several restaurants where you can eat an authentic Valencian paella:

  1. El Racó de la Paella (C/ Mossèn Rausell, 17)
  2. Casa Carmela (C/Isabel de Villena, 155)
  3. LAVOE Arroz y Mar (C/Creu Nova, 4)

All i Pebre

It is a broth made from eel, potato, fish broth, water and paprika and is the quintessential dish of the Valencian Albufera, from where it originates, more specifically from Palmar. Several Valencian chefs have been protagonists in recent years in Japan where the eel is considered a delicacy.

As a recommendation, if you really want to eat a good “all i pebre”, it is good to take advantage of the day in the Albufera to visit a restaurant in the area where it is the specialty. Here we leave you a couple of recommendations:

  1. Restaurante La Sequiota (C/Vicent Baldoví, 9, El Palmar)
  2. Restaurante Bon Aire (C/Cabdet, 41, El Palmar)

Clóchina valenciana

Although mussels are one of the most consumed molluscs in all of Europe, Valencian clóchina is recognized for its flavor and quality compared to other varieties, which makes it a sought-after dish and very typical of Valencian gastronomy. Here are the best ones where you can savor them:

  1. La Pilareta (C/ Moro Zeid, 13)
  2. Bar Cabanyal (C/Martí Grajales, 5)