Discover and fall in love with Tabarca Island, the great treasure of the Valencian Community

Tabarca Island is a small island located 8 km from Santa Pola and 22 km from Alicante. It is the largest island in the Valencian Community, taking into account the Columbretes Islands which we will talk about later in this blog.

It is a real underwater paradise ideal for all lovers of diving and marine life. This small island is less than 2 km long and was the first marine reserve declared in Spain in 1986.

Here you will find transparent waters, as well as abundant fauna and flora and large seabeds. We recommend that you walk around the island along the path that surrounds it and allows you to contemplate the coastal landscape and follow the movements of the sea birds.

However, this island is much more than white sand beaches and a diving paradise. During the 15th and 16th century it was a base for Berber pirates, Muslim pirates who moved around the North African area and used to attack Christian ships and to put an end to piracy, King Charles III ordered it to be fortified and repopulated by fishermen from Genoa who were held captive in the Tunisian town of Tabarka, hence its name.

The island of Tabarca can be visited in one day, taking a return ticket as most people do. However, you can always spend the night in one of the hotels and despite the small size of the island, there are several well-equipped hotels to rest, all with enviable views.

On the other hand, the island has a small village in which the Casa del Gobernador stands out, now transformed into a beautiful hotel, as well as the church of San Pedro and the remains of the wall.

How to go to the island?

To get to the island of Tabarca we have to take one of the boats that leave from the coast. There are several towns along the Costa Blanca that offer this service. In the summertime, the departure frequencies increase considerably. According to where we are we will be able to choose the following means of transport.

The most typical and fastest way to arrive is from the port of Santa Pola, a municipality where it is worth stopping for a couple of hours to visit its famous natural salt mines, declared a natural reserve and one of the most important in Europe in ancient times. However, Tabarca can also be reached from the ports of Alicante, Benidorm, and Torrevieja. The journey takes an average of 50 minutes and the price is 20 euros (return) and is free for children up to 4 years old.

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