Valencia is an ideal destination for all culture lovers. This city has a great variety of museums that you can enjoy every day of the week such as the City of Arts and Sciences, where you can also find the Hemisferic, the Oceanographic, along with other museums of classical art such as the Fine Arts Museum of the city or avant-garde styles such as the IVAM.

In its streets you will also find a great variety of architectural styles due to the history and past of this wonderful city, so from Flight Mode, we recommend that if you do not want to miss anything and know in depth the past of the city in your visit to Valencia choose one of the tours as you can find here, designed for each visitor.

One of the jewels of Valencia both for its architecture and for the Miguelete and what it keeps inside is the Cathedral of Valencia. With three portals of different architectural styles, the most important religious building in this city is worth a visit both for the views from the top of its famous bell tower, the Miguelete, and for the great treasure it holds inside, the Holy Grail.

Legend has it that the Grail kept in Valencia’s Cathedral could be the real thing. Inside there is a museum about its very interesting history.

If you prefer to leave the city and want to get to know the provinces that make up the Valencian Community, you can count on our tour with an official guide in the provinces of Alicante and Castellón, where you can see some of the most beautiful villages in the interior or on the Valencian coast.

So if you are thinking of getting to know Valencia and do it from a cultural point of view, don’t give it any more thought, in our customizable packs you will find all the options that Valencia can offer you for a very interesting holiday in which to discover all its history.

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