Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Valencia: Magic, Tradition, and Fun with Markets, Lights, and Skating

As the holiday season arrives, Valencia transforms into a charming place where sparkling lights, festive decorations, and a warm atmosphere capture the hearts of residents and visitors alike. If you’re planning a visit to Valencia during the Christmas holidays, you’re in luck! Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to do in Valencia to fully experience the magic of Christmas.

1. Explore Christmas Markets in Valencia

Begin your Christmas adventure in Valencia by visiting various Christmas markets,from the Christmas amusement park to the market in the center of Valencia. You’llfind stalls filled with Christmas items, handmade gifts, and culinary delights. Savorthe typical Spanish nougat, try roasted chestnuts, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

  • Christmas Amusement Park (December 1 – January 22)
  • Christmas Market in the center of Valencia – C/Perez Bayer, 3 (December 2-24)
  • Craft Christmas Fair (November 27 – January 5)
  • Christmas Market in Tiam! (December 16-17, 19-24)
  • Craft Fair in Mercado de Colon (December 15 – January 5)
  • Christmas Market in the City of Arts and Sciences (December 18 – January 10)
  • HOHO Christmas Market at Tapineria (December 23 – January 5)
  • Lluis Vives Christmas Fair (December 23 – January 6)
  • Cabanyal Kings’ Market (January 3 – 6)

2. Admire the Luminous Decorations

Valencia lights up with colors during the Christmas season. Take a stroll through the streets of the city center, such as the famous Plaza del Ayuntamiento, to admire the spectacular luminous decorations. The Moorish architecture and vibrant lights create a charming scenario that will make you feel immersed in the magic of Christmas.

3. Ice Skating in the Heart of the City

For an authentic winter experience, head to the temporary ice skating rink set up each year in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Skating under the stars with a breathtaking view is a perfect way to spend time with friends and family.

4. Enjoy a Christmas Show

Valencia offers a wide range of Christmas shows, from gospel choir concerts to theatrical performances with a Christmas theme. Check the local schedule and book tickets for a show that will capture the spirit of the holidays.

5. Visit the Valencia Cathedral

Make a visit to the majestic Valencia Cathedral, beautifully illuminated during the Christmas season. Attend a midnight mass or admire the sacred art decorating the interior of the cathedral. Spirituality and history merge in a unique experience.

6. Taste Christmas Cuisine

Christmas is also synonymous with delicious food. Savor Spanish Christmas flavors in one of the local restaurants. Try cordero asado (roast lamb), bunuelos (fried pastries), and turrón (Spanish nougat) for an unforgettable culinary experience.

7. Join the Three Kings’ Parade

On January 5, Valencia celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings with a spectacular parade, the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos. The three wise men lead the parade through the streets, distributing sweets and gifts to enthusiastic children. An enchanting event not to be missed.

8. Ring in the New Year in Style

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Valencia with style. Many venues in the city host special events, parties, and fireworks displays. As a tradition, head to Plaza del Ayuntamiento to gather together and wait for the 12 chimes before midnight, eating grapes and enjoying a simultaneous fireworks show in four points of the city (Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, Turia Park at the bus station, and finally, the Serrano Towers). Whether you prefer a lively street celebration or an intimate gathering, Valencia offers a variety of options for a truly spectacular New Year.

Valencia during the Christmas holidays is a mix of tradition, fun, and human warmth. You will have an unforgettable experience, immersing yourself completely in the magic of Spanish Christmas. Happy holidays!

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